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Financial Software Development & Consultancy Company | Aleph1

At Aleph One, we focus on the creation of innovative software products and systems.

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About Aleph One

Aleph One is a FinTech software consultancy. We architect and develop enterprise-level platforms built on permissioned and public blockchains.

Our award-winning systems generate revenue for startups, SME’s, and global banks.

Before development begins, Aleph One specializes in partnering with clients to incubate a software product’s platform and userbase.

We are brought in at every stage of the product development lifecycle.

We offer the following services:
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White Papers

Our writers work with the technical team to sketch out the entire product vision and lifecycle. This includes an exhaustive technical brief, regulatory analysis, market fit and strategy.

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Technical Briefs

Our team of architects designs the technical foundation for the product. The brief documents the products vision, tech stack, and development roadmap. We, additionally, focus on the products regulatory overlap and all necessary systems integrations.

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Demo / MVP

Our tech team creates a demo or a system with minimally viable feature set to prove the utility of the product for potential users or investors. We work closely with our clients to ensure the feature set chosen respects their vision. Our work is turnkey and investor roadshow quality. We provide worldwide on-demand onsite support for our clients during investor presentations and conferences.

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Full Product Development

We build technical teams to support the full product development for our clients. We can start development from scratch or work within an existing team that has technical leadership capacity. We are proud of our ability to work across national borders and with many different companies / partners united in a common goal to produce the absolute best software product for the end client.

Areas of Specialization
Supply Chain

We have a history of creating innovative blockchain based solutions to manage the global supply chain. Our client systems have protected, traced, and tracked the global flow of precious metals, working capital, event tickets, and even beer loyalty.

Tokenized Asset Trading Systems

We created the ATS system for a global Swiss bank. The system was developed to the internal standards of the bank for quality and security while meeting Swiss and global regulatory standards. Our deep knowledge of blockchain based trading systems, security, and wallet infrastructure were key to this project.

Financial Data Integration and Visualization

We created a clients-viable competitor to the Bloomberg terminal. Our experts in real-time financial data flow integration worked with our data visualization specialists to create a dynamic trading and informatics platform.

Machine Learning and AI

Our systems architects have integrated ML and AI into client platforms and software products. We are expert at designing systems to produce and package the vital data needed for the successful present or future implementation of ML or AI driven analytics.

Regulatory Consulting

We offer our clients advice about the potential burdens and benefits imposed by global regulatory structures. While we are not a law firm and offer no binding legal opinions, we are able to design systems proactively with regulation in mind. We are also adept at working with a client’s in-house or external legal team to ensure a system is compliant. This is of increasing importance while building systems that touch on financial data.

Core Team
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Stanislav Synko


Stan began his career in information technology advising startup and enterprise clients on the best possible technical implementation of complex systems and building software products. Stan is an early believer in both public and private blockchain systems. His work in the area includes: helping companies integrate smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain; architecting award-winning public and private blockchain systems with a focus on Hyperledger; expertise in secure multiple signature solutions and bitcoin wallet development; and thought leadership (Stan conducted workshops and seminars about blockchain at Harvard, Rutgers Business School, AIS Educator Conference, and dozens of events in New York and California.)

David Pierini Esq.

General Counsel

David began his legal practice in Silicon Valley focusing on advising early-stage startups. He transitioned to the role of global compliance project counsel for OnRamp Systems, a financial tech startup affiliated with Cisco Systems and IBM Watson. OnRamp specialized in using machine learning to solve complex regulatory issues such as implementing Dodd-Frank and its RRP provisions for one of the world's largest banks and preparing for the transition to ASC 606 Revenue Recognition for Fortune 500 customers. He has spent time with McGuire Woods LLP and the legal department of Freddie Mac. David focuses on the intersection of legal and regulatory systems with the development of blockchain systems and smart contracts. He earned his J.D. from William & Mary and his LL.M. in Taxation from the Georgetown University Law Center.

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Oleksii Shevchenko


Oleksii is the head of Aleph One’s development and consulting operations. His exceptional background in development, project management, and team leadership make him an ideal COO for Aleph One. He has been instrumental to the success of Aleph One’s in-depth consulting engagements with FinTech, Marketing and E-commerce startups. He led the Aleph One teams that developed institutional cryptocurrency trading platforms and institutional-grade digital asset storage solutions for asset managers and global Swiss banks. Oleksii is certified by as a Professional Scrum Master (PSM 1).

Ecosystem Partners
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The BlockApps ecosystem includes software startups, IT and professional services firms, and industry owned businesses networks across sectors including energy, finance, agriculture, live events, and travel. Founded in 2015, BlockApps has led several industry innovations including launching world's first BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform with Microsoft and being the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP).

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